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Kickstart Web App Development with CodeSandbox with Jonathan Kemp


Did you know that you could open your browser and start coding full blown web applications? With CodeSandbox, you can! CodeSandbox is an online editor that helps you create web applications, from initial prototype to deployment. With just a few...


Knoxville CocoaHeads

This month David Levi will discuss approaches for reducing the size of view controllers in order to make apps easier to construct and maintain. His talk will be about using Coordinators to remove the responsibility for navigation through an app...

Knoxville’s Shaman Water Meetup! “Water Wednesday”

Shaman Water

We have chosen Loves Creek as our Meetup Location! It’s a great spot to fill up your bottles with spring water from an artesian well that’s been freely flowing in East Knoxville for several years! We will bring an enclosed instant shelter...