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Shannon Foster-Boline

Community Events

A Free & Fair Internet / Substratum

Blockchain Devs Knoxville

A Free & Fair Internet. The goals and accomplishments of Substratum and what is coming next. In this short talk I will cover what our goals were as a company, how we have accomplished them so far and what we hope to accomplish in the future....

Serverless: Why you Should Use Someone Else's Computer

Coding Dojo

Building an application is hard. Scaling that app is even harder. Using "serverless" technology can save you time and allows your teams to focus on where they give value, not on DNS issues or DB failover. Come learn about the troubles of trying...

Rare event detection and dashboarding for industrial applications

KnoxData - a PyData group

Gauges, sensors, and IOT devices in industrial production facilities such as water treatment have been Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) used to measure and optimize performance. With modern data ingestion platforms and analytic solutions we can...